Online course: 'Writing a successful Erasmus+ application'

Course dates:  November 1st 2017 / March 1st 2018

Course content

You will learn about:
·         Policies & strategic priorities for Erasmus+;
·         Formulating your project idea;
·         Finding the right partners;
·         Presenting your draft idea to the stakeholders;
·         Finalise your application and submit it.

End result

Project proposal, ready for submission.

Course fee

Standard course fee:       550 euros
Temporary  offer:              397 euros*     
Advance payment:            297 euros
* remaining €100 only charged if your application is successful!
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Course setup

Online course
Theoretical background through: 


Trainees will write a draft application
Feedback will be provided through:

Peer review
Professional feedback

Enrolment instruction

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