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Dairy cows

In this module about dairy cows in Finland, there will be special focus on the Kyyttö cow race. 

Marketing of agri-products

You will learn all about sheep husbandry. Subject  are:
  • Sheep stock tasks;
  • Sheep behaviour;
  • Sheep nutrition;
  • Sheep Production Cycle;
  • Sheep Health;
    Sheep records.

Beef cattle husbandry

In this course we focus on keeping and breeding beef cattle. We cover:
  • routine stock tasks;
  • look after & feeding cattle;
  • breeding & reproduction;
  • administrating medication;
  • types of medication;
  • cattle  identification;

Organic farming

In this course you will learn about basic rules of organic farming, ecological basics such as nutrient cycles and symbiosis of soil, plant, water, air, animal and energy intake

Investigative projects

In this course, you will learn how to undertake an investigative project for your business. From market research to new technologies. If you want to make funded decisions, this course is what you need!

Marketing of agri-products

This course will teach you all about modern marketing techniques to market and sell agricultural products.


This introductory course will explain the basis of the BioEconomy and provide you with examples to apply biobased production methods to your own business, making it sustainable!

Sustainable feeding & grazing

This course will teach you all there is to know about the feeding of dairy cows, and how to influence milk production through feeding and increasing yield.

Nordic animals

This course about Nordic Animals teaches you about selected species of wild (or semi-wild) mammals and birds living in the north of Sweden. You will learn about: 
  • Biology of Nordic Animals: 
  • Working with animals in captivity.
  • Conservation Biology

Reptile Husbandry

In this course, you will learn all about keeping reptile physiology and morphology and how keep, feed and breed reptiles in captivity.

Integrated Pest Management

You will learn about the IPM principles, their implementation in the planning and practical cultivation of crops. Focus will be on cash crops (e.g. cereals, potato, oilseed, beet) and fodder crops (e.g. maize, grass, cereals, beet). 

Entrepreneurship in agriculture

You will work on new ideas to make new businesses, you will learn how to develop ideas, and work systematic in order to create a business plan for a farm.

Poultry Health

This course will teach you how to improve the health of your poultry stock.

Sled dogs

In this course, you will learn all about keeping and training professional sled dogs.

First aid for small animals

This course will teach you how to apply first aid to small animals.


This course will teach you how to apply hoofcare to livestock cattle.

Pig production

Topics covered in the course:
  • Needs & behavior;
  • Efficiency, quality & welfare;
  • Biosecurity, production logistics & farm design.

Hightech milking

In  this course you learn everything of automation in the dairy equipment world.

Animal Health

You will learn about the most common diseases of farm animals, the factors influencing health such as nutrition & environment. Different ways of treatment are explained.

Dog care

This course covers 4 topics related to basic dog care:

  • Biology of dogs;
  • Working with dogs;
  • Housing and husbandry;
  • Healthcare and safety: 
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